Banana Apps

We are Banana-apps, a digital technology company based in London with a bunch of talented coders, creators and designers. We create a-peeling apps and websites and offer a whole bunch of other digital marketing services for startups, small and medium sized businesses. Formed in 2012 Banana-apps started initially using hybrid technology and helped various companies by making mobile apps handy for their business. However Banana apps developed into creating enterprise level apps for any business, with multi-tier apps and CMS using native and microservices. Meaning whatever you want, we can do it.

How we Work

  1. We Research a Bunch We research our customers particularbusiness sector, looking at competitorswith similar apps and websites and whatwe can do better before sending a proposal

  2. We Sit Down and Have a Banana We sit down with our customers and takethe time to expertly document what their a-peeling app and website would look likeand how it would work

  3. We Pick Ripe Ideas Think of it as slowly peeling away the skin of a banana to get to the pale fruit inside . Our customers ideas, vision and imagination coming to fruition

  4. We Have the Brains and Bananas We have been building apps and websites from scratch for years, so we are happy to offer many more a-peeling suggestions

  5. Pick Your Banana Once the idea has been envisioned its time to choose from our a-peeling packages.

  6. Our Technical Monkeys Do All the Work Our customers leave all the technical stuff to our tech monkeys, as their app or website is created by the best developers and coders in the banana -sphere

  7. A Banana Is Born Our customers app or website is born and is ready for business.Now, do you need that extra hand to promote their service on social media or generate SEO content? We have just the bananas that are just ripe for them

  8. A Lifetime supply of Bananas We are always on hand to help our customers business ripen and grow along with ongoing technical support, advice and services